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We are excited for our spring/summer AAU season. It has been a long year for all of us and to be able to play basketball is something we are all so grateful for. Our players value the opportunity to interact with their teammates in person and to exercise. With so many of us having to zoom for social interaction, this season of playing brings a whole new appreciation for something we all took for granted. Our girls will travel to all the National Live NCAA recruiting events for exposure. Our basketball tournament schedule gives hope to our athletes who have shared their anxieties about the recruiting process which has been put on hold for a year now. Our 2021 graduates will play in the spring after not being seen last summer by college coaches along with our 2022, 2023 and 2024 graduation classes. We have five high school teams traveling this spring and summer. With many families experiencing a financial setback this past year we hope to raise funds to support the cost of tournaments and travel expenses. Gym time and facilities are at a high demand and with the price increases, the fees to play have increased. Your donation will provide many of our established need based players an opportunity to play and earn a college scholarship or a spot on a college team which will assist with the admission process to a high academic school. Our student athletes work hard in the classroom and on the basketball court. In the last six years MCW STARZ have successfully placed over 70 players into college playing basketball at Division I, II and II schools. For a list of those athletes and schools please email Our website is in the process of being reconstructed. We are partnered with the Jr. NBA, NBA players Union, Jr. Celtics, Special Olympics, North Shore YMCA, Happy & Healthy Integrative Nutrition, Red Wing Yoga, BU Behavioral School, MA Food Pantry and other local youth sports organizations.

We are a certified 501c3 and members of the National AAU. EIN 47-1852961

If you would like to hear more about our program and the youth your donation will directly support please email or call 978-509-7593

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Mandy Carter-Zegarowski

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